What HypnoBirthing® Moms are Saying

  • From Scared to Confident

    "I started the class scared and skeptical, and now I am completely confident and excited about the birth of our first child. I found HypnoBirthing a relaxing, natural way to birth a child. The program has helped me to reclaim my power as a woman and trust my body to do what it was designed to do."

    -Jody, UK

  • Beautiful Birth

    "I had an amazing time throughout my pregnancy and had a beautiful birth thanks to all the techniques I learned. People always comment on what a contented, happy baby he is. I just can't say thank you enough. I was absolutely petrified of birth after my first experience 14 years ago and now I could do it all again tomorrow!"

    -Lisa Hawkes

  • No Fear

    "I wanted to thank you for teaching such a good HypnoBirthing class... I was amazed within seconds I became relaxed, happy, and ready for my baby. We arrived at the hospital relaxed, smiling, joking around and ready to have the baby. I felt sensations, but I felt no fear."

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HypnoBirthing Classes

We are so confident that HypnoBirthing® is the best childbirth preparation class ever, we give the first class FREE!

Special Discount from now until August 2017:

Tuition 50% OFF!

Private Home Classes: regular price $949
Group Classes: regular price $475
NOW ONLY $275 (5 or more couples)

Our Natural and Gentle Childbirth Education includes 12.5 hours of classes and materials:

Classes include:

  1. Self-hypnosis for a lifetime of powerful tools to relieve pain and stress;
  2. Massage techniques, birthing positions and breath-work to help baby out quickly and naturally.
  3. Guidance so you can give yourself and your baby the healthiest and happiest start in life;
  4. Preparation to make choices that are right for you with knowledge and confidence.

Materials: Marie Mongan’s informative textbook, inspirational birth videos and handouts with clear illustrations for the visual-minded learner.

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Hypnosis for Birth PLUS

  • Have you had a traumatic birthing or sexual experience that you would like to clear?
  • Do you have additional fears or concerns about birthing and parenting?

I would be happy to offer you private professional hypnotherapy sessions to clear your trauma and fear so you can be fully present and open to having the wonderful experience that welcoming a baby into the world was meant to be.

Please feel free to call me at 931-636-2291 to discuss how I can support you, or email me at support@joyfulbirth.org