What HypnoBirthing® Moms are Saying

Insanely Beautiful Experience!

"For us the birth was an insanely beautiful experience! It was a unique experience and we can recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone, since one can prepare themselves perfectly."

-Loan Kutter, Switzerland

Welcomed with All the Love

Our beautiful baby boy was born... and welcomed with all the love our hearts are able to contain. He was immediately placed in my arms... Our baby boy didn’t cry...

A Calmer Baby

"I was walking within hours of having my baby, eating steak and potatoes and smiling. I have to say that my baby could not be a calmer baby."

About our Staff

Such a Star!

"Heidemarie, You are such a star! Your energy lights up the whole room and I mean a big conference room. Feel so blessed to know you."

- Ollga B., Miami FL

Gifted Educators

"Heidemarie and Stephen are truly gifted educators. Their ability to put together a comprehensive, integrated program and translate important life concepts... is truly remarkable. Their programs are sophisticated, emotionally and spiritually deep and rich...”

-Lorrie Beevers of West Knoxville

Deep Understanding

Heidemarie and Stephen... create programs that encourage deep understanding and creative expression... Their thoughtful attention to detail allows participants to fully experience their programs.”

- Robin W., Asheville, NC

Unflagging Commitment

"I am certain Heidemarie Huber will rise to the challenge of any role or position she undertakes with compassion, passion, generosity of spirit, and the unflagging commitment demonstrated by her life that has made her a model community member and successful in any task set before her."

- Leslie Lytle, former Director of the CCJP, Sewanee, TN

Really Superior Teacher

"Heidemarie's... [showed] energy and enthusiasm for drawing the students into a learning experience that was fun, memorable and attainable for each individual... She was always well prepared and excited about the lessons... Additionally, she is willing to commit the time required to be a really superior teacher."

- Cheryl King, Estill Springs, TN

Freedom from Fear

From Scared to Confident

"I started the class scared and skeptical, and now I am completely confident and excited about the birth of our first child. I found HypnoBirthing a relaxing, natural way to birth a child. The program has helped me to reclaim my power as a woman and trust my body to do what it was designed to do."

-Jody, UK

Beautiful Birth

"I had an amazing time throughout my pregnancy and had a beautiful birth thanks to all the techniques I learned. People always comment on what a contented, happy baby he is. I just can't say thank you enough. I was absolutely petrified of birth after my first experience 14 years ago and now I could do it all again tomorrow!"

-Lisa Hawkes

No Fear

"I wanted to thank you for teaching such a good HypnoBirthing class... I was amazed within seconds I became relaxed, happy, and ready for my baby. We arrived at the hospital relaxed, smiling, joking around and ready to have the baby. I felt sensations, but I felt no fear."

Pain Free

No Pain

“Never once throughout the entire birthing process did I experience pain... I could go on an on about HypnoBirthing. It truly is a wonderful tool to use to naturally bring a child into the world. I am very proud to say that I had my son naturally with the help of HypnoBirthing"

Favorite Birth

haven’t experienced pain... There was such a difference with this birth versus the previous two that I’d experienced. Even though I’d done this two times already, I was more educated about the entire birthing process.

- Kristen Robinson


“I just used the breathing I learned and focused... it didn't hurt hardly at all, it was quite orgasmic in a word! I felt amazing, I'd done it, just lying there cuddling my new son, I burst into tears of joy!”

- Julie Hall, UK

HypnoBirthing® – A Superior Birth Experience

That was Amazing!

"I received so many comments from nurses and my midwife. 'You are a pioneer woman!' 'That was amazing! I have never seen any first time mom or anyone give birth like that!' and lastly my midwife says 'most amazingly you did this all through relaxing and listening to your body's needs.'"

-Lisa Hawkes

Marked Difference

"The difference was marked, I could indeed feel the birth happening, our baby was extremely calm upon being born and unlike my other two children there were no markings or bruises on the baby or his face from a laborious intensive birth experience."

-Kristen Robinson

Polar Opposite

"I love our five year old daughter Rylee to pieces, but my birthing experience with her was so traumatic and horrendous... after hypnobirthing... the birth of our son Nash couldn’t have been more different; a joyful, positive experience, a complete polar opposite to five years ago."