Heidemarie Huber Natural Way of Life

My Philosophy of Life – Nature’s Perfect Plan

HypnoBirthing® is a natural calling for me. It joins the two things to which I have lovingly devoted my life: nature and children.

As a retired Montessori teacher, I believe that each child is born with the potential to co-create a harmonious and beautiful world. The most powerful key to world peace is found in the way we nurture that sacred potential. A

As an organic gardener, the magnificent power and perfection of the natural world never ceases to amaze me. Life is indeed a miracle, and we are all so marvelously made! The Creator of life on Earth is the foundation of my spiritual connection – it has never failed me. I believe in using our intelligence to change ourselves according to nature’s ways, rather than trying to change nature according to our whims.

That’s why I support my family’s health with a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? We rarely get sick. That’s why I support you in having a healthy birth. That way, everything is much more likely to happen smoothly and optimally, according to nature’s perfect plan.

And it all begins with a healthy pregnancy and a peaceful birth.