Vanquishing Fear


Birthing with Love


Reclaiming Joy!


Did you know that giving birth can be a JOYFUL experience?

About Heidemarie Huber

Pregnancy and birth are powerful opportunities to lay the groundwork for your child’s health and happiness.

The journey of birthing precious souls into the world is profoundly meaningful – some may even call it spiritual.

It invites us to honor the sacredness of life and love.

Hi. I’m Heidemarie Huber.

As a mother of four children, I know what total love, devotion and dedication goes into the sacred vocation of motherhood. And I know how powerful an impact birth experiences can make on both baby and mommy!

That’s why I’m called to support you every step of the way from pregnancy to infant care, so you and your baby can have the best start in life possible! Contact Me!

Services I Provide

Doula Services


P regnant? There’s nothing that has proven more beneficial to birth than the personal supportive attention that a doula provides.


no woman should have to give birth

without expert support.

HypnoBirthing® Classes


Y es, you can have a joyful birth! But it doesn’t happen without knowledge and training.


an informed and prepared birth

is a safe and joyful birth.

Birth Hypnosis PLUS


L earn the secret to a drug-free birth WITHOUT pain! Taken after the HypnoBirthing® series, this class teaches advanced hypnosis methods.


your mind is more powerful

than you realize!

hypnosis for pain relief

As a certified professional hypnotherapist with advanced training in hypnosis for pain management, I offer private sessions to help you:

  • Supercharge your pain relief, including chronic pain;
  • Heal from traumatic experiences that may interfere with feeling completely safe during childbirth;
  • Achieve the calm, relaxed state of body and mind so the natural process of birth can unfold unhindered;
  • Find inner resources to overcome any fears and anxieties you may have about parenting;
  • Strengthen your confidence in your ability to be the person your heart longs to be. Hypnotherapy Sessions

Coming Soon


Is motherhood stressing you out? Never fear, HypnoMothering® is near! I will be certified this October.

What is HypnoMothering®?

Breastfeeding Support

Breast is best, as most informed doctors know. I am pursuing Certified Lactation Educator (CLE®) training with CAPPA this OCTOBER.

What is a Lactation Educator?

Professional Fertility Consulting

Wish you could have a baby? The HypnoBirthing® Institute provides advanced training.  Training date TO BE ANNOUNCED.

What is HypnoFertility?

What HypnoBirthing® Moms are saying

  • A Calmer Baby

    "I was walking within hours of having my baby, eating steak and potatoes and smiling. I have to say that my baby could not be a calmer baby."

  • Insanely Beautiful Experience!

    "For us the birth was an insanely beautiful experience! It was a unique experience and we can recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone, since one can prepare themselves perfectly."

    -Loan Kutter, Switzerland

  • Welcomed with All the Love

    Our beautiful baby boy was born... and welcomed with all the love our hearts are able to contain. He was immediately placed in my arms... Our baby boy didn’t cry...

Schedule of Classes